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The Area of Ptyxur

More About Ptyxur
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The "Land" of Ptyxur is located near the U.S.A., in the atlantic ocean.  It is located at 34 degrees North Latitude and 69 Degrees West Longitude and extends for 10 KM on all sides from that point. 

This is the Ptyxurian Constitution: 

             We have made this country a temporary monarchy.  But that must change.   We have made this document to ensure that all of the people; Residents, Voters, Non-Voters, Men Women, and Children alike have equal rights and abilities; to allow liberty to be the driving asset of a nation; and to give power to the people.  Therefore we make this document keeping in mind that the People and only the People can change it for their welfare. 

          Similar to far too few other countries and regions, Ptyxur has its center of power with the people.  To vote you must be at least ten years of age and pass a test, to which you will retake every five years; to show that you know what and why you're voting.  Also, you must be a citizen.  If you were born there, than you are automatically a citizen unless you're citizenship is revoked, which is the consequence of some of the worst crimes.  To become a citizen, you must apply and take a test.  You must also have a job and speak English.

          The next highest level of government from the individual is a Clantel.  They are made up of one-hundred voters.  They are where the laws are made up.  Ordinary citizens, voters or not, come and make them up.  Each Clantel votes in two representatives, or the co- representatives, which go on to the House of Representatives.  They take with them, as close as possible to reality, the opinions of the people in the Clantel.  That includes laws, which must get at least seventy percent of the people in the Clantel that came up with it who want it to go on, and amendments who need seventy percent of the vote also.    The Co-Representatives can be re- or de-elected at any meeting of the Clantel, which should be once a month.

              Once every two months, the Co-Representatives for each Clantel will meet as the House of Representatives.  The House of Representatives will represent fifty Clantel.  Both Co-Representatives from each Clantel go there.  Each one represents five thousand people.  And there are as many as need be.  Each House of Representatives has a Chairman that organizes the meetings.  He is not one of the Representatives and he gets voted for a four year term by the People.  He has to win by at least five percent of the vote.  They also decide to declare war.  In all there will be one hundred one people at the meetings of the House of Representatives.

            The next level up from there is the Senate.  It is composed of twenty people.  They serve five year terms.  Their job is to decide when two laws are in conflict.  When they do, they decide which of the two or three is a more fair and just law.  They than put that law up for re-vote in both Houses of Representatives that are in conflict.  If neither House changes, or the positions are reversed, than the courts decide which of the two original laws is better and enacts it in both the areas of jurisdiction.  They also decide when a law no longer applies to certain circumstances and should be discarded.

            There is also a president. He or she is in charge of making sure that no other system is corrupt.  He watches, every once in a while, the procedures in a court, a Clantel, the Senate, or the House of Representatives.  He is also in charge of relations with other countries or regions.  Finally he controls the army and the emergency services. This includes the Police, Fire department, and the Hospitals and medical care. 

            The court process starts with the jurors.  They are picked from a Clantel as uninvolved as possible to the case being tried.  There are from five jurors as there would be for a small case like Trespassing or theft, to fifteen for cases like murder.  The verdict has to be unanimous except for one juror.  The process in the courts is this: The prosecuting attorney makes one point which the defense has a rebuttal.  Than the defense makes a point.  This goes on until the trial has either gone on for twenty hours elapsed time or the defense has run out of points.  Than they will make their closing statements, prosecution first, than the defense. The jurors will then decide. It will be done similarly for laws, with the for as the defense and the against as the prosecution.  There are no lawsuits. Those types of things are settled by the Clantels of both parties.

            There are also rights of everyone at Ptyxur.  These include Free Speech, Free Religion, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of enjoyment, Freedom to have an opinion,  Freedom to keep your life no matter what your crime, and Freedom of expression.   We believe that these systems and rights should allow liberty to be common, and  the people free and happy.

                Ptyxur is the newest country in the world as of 10/28/06.  There are still 194 recognized countries in the world.  But Ptyxur will change that.  The amount of people currently in Ptyxur is 0.  However the amount of citizens is 4.  Ptyxur is 314 square km in area.  As you can probably tell we at Ptyxur use the Metric system.  For now.  However we'll make a better system of measurement.  It will be called Ptyxwuir.  We are currently a monarchy, with me as king, but that will change, too.  Also obviously, we're using english as our main language.  There is one problem.  Ptyxur is 21 meters below sea level.  But that is okay.  Ptyxur contains the land at the bottom of the ocean as well as the water and air above it.  At least for 40 meters above the seafloor, and 10 meters below.  No shuttle that hapens to be orbiting over that spot will go into Ptyxur and have to pay a fine or something. 

The Country of the People